Master Key Lock

When we are talking about commercial and residential security needs, keys are always at the top of the matter. Restricted security key blanks of a master key are patent protected disabling other key manufacturers create duplicates of that design.

Master keys are usually being used by apartment owners where they can open each door of their rented rooms/flats, wherein each tenant also have their own keys for their specific unit. That very same key may additionally open the main door to their building or any other common areas. However this key is not going to work on the lock of a different unit.

Master key system is also an intricate system as it might require multiple master, grand master, and sub master keys. If you want to have one key to all different doors, then master key is what you need.

According to the requirements of the key holder, we are able to create different master key systems. When in an urgent locksmith emergency trouble, make sure to call our locksmiths at our emergency hotline number. We are round the clock available to provide answers to all emergency calls regarding a locksmith service.