Car Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are widely used by modern cars, or cars made after 1995 to add additional security to the car. The transponder chips would enable the car's system as long as it is the right chip that is used, and will make sure that only the right key would make the car work.

Having at least two transponder keys on hand is typically a great idea since key replacements are very expensive. Most car dealership discourages car owners to get a copy of key from a locksmiths, saying that they can only get duplicates thru them, which is not true at all. At the point when auto transponder chip key replacement is needed, they can also be made by an auto locksmith in a more affordable rates compared with auto dealership. Automotive locksmiths usually have the equipment and expertise to accomplish the process of cutting and programming a transponder key. Automotive locksmith companies are also available 24/7 which enables you to get and have a transponder chip programmed any time of the day.

Replacing your transponder key for your auto is not as basic as getting another key cut to coordinate your auto's ignition. Transponder replacement will require you to purchase the special chip to be added to your key and program it so your car would recognize it.

Do not hesitate to call us anytime for auto lock related issues. We can either meet you wherever you are and create your transponder key on the spot, or you can drop by our shop and have your car key replaced or copied. Give us a call now, our accommodating customer service employees are ready to reply to your call and inquiries.